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Single Stream

One Collection Day,  One Container!

Commercial Recycling


We here at Sullivan County Refuse are happy to supply Commercial Recycling Solutions to any of our Commercial Customers. Depending on the type of recycling and quantity pick up days may vary.  Call us today and see what we can do for you!

Any food or beverage Cans (aluminum , tin, & steel) empty and rinse the cans. The cans can be crushed and it is okay to leave the labels on

Residential Recycling

Sullivan County Refuse has ALWAYS collected Residential Recycling on the same day as the trash and ALWAYS used the Single Stream collection method.  What does Single Stream Recycling mean? All it means is that you put all of your Clean Recycling in the same container on collection day. One container not six separate containers.



At the bottom of each Plastic container you will see a recycling symbol with a number in it.

Almost any container with the numbers 1-7 can be placed

out for collection




Non-waxed Corrugated

Cardboard must be tied and bundled separately. The bundles can be tied with heavy jute rope or twine

Junk mail , Printing Paper, Cereal Boxes and Shoe Boxes are

collectible as well. Shredded

paper should be placed in a

brown paper bag. All Junk Mail, Magazines and Chipboard should be bundled in the same manner as newspaper and cardboard. Chipboard includes; Cereal Boxes, Paper Towel Tubes Gray Notepad Backer and related items




Clear and Colored Glass bottles. All bottles must be washed and all tops need to be removed however the labels may remain

Clean and dry Newspaper

 must be tied and bundled separately. The bundles can be tied with heavy jute rope, twine or placed in a plain brown paper bag.




What You Cant Recycle


E-waste: Computer parts and Monitors as they are considered TOXIC


Soda and beer packs (the plastic rings that hold them together treated with chemicals)

Bag inserts from cereal

Pizza boxes (because of grease)

Dishwasher soap & laundry detergent boxes

Ice cream boxes (wax inside)

Drink boxes (wax inside)

Milk cartons (wax inside)


Anything bundled in Tape, Wire ,Hosiery or Plastic will be left and any paper products that become soaking wet will be taken as trash.

Large Item Metal Recycling


Have Metal Recycling that wont fit in your bin. Can we take it, YES WE CAN! Contact our office today to find out more information on Large Item Metal Recycling Clean Ups.


In some cases we can Roll Off Container if a large area needs to be cleaned up.

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