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Q. When using a Roll-Off Container, what sort of things should I NOT put in it?


A. You may not include Metal, Tires, Trees, Shrubs, Batteries, Wet Paint or Toxics.


Q. Do you take Computer Monitors?


A. No, but the Transfer Station in Monticello NY takes them from individuals for no charge.  They can be reached @ 845-807-0290


Q. Do you have a customer referral program?


A. Yes we do! Go to our Special Services Page for information


Q. I am a Contractor looking to do business with SCFRR. Do you offer any incentives?


A. Yes we do! With our Preferred Customer Plan - After 10 Container orders, you get the 11th Container With No Delivery Charge  (excluding tipping fees). Go to our Special Services Page  for more information.


Q. I have a huge clean up project and laborers are hard to find. Can you help?


A. Yes we can! SCFRR Supplies Laborers For Special Clean-Up Projects at very reasonable rates.  Go to our Special Services Page for more information.


Q. My building has sustained dammage and needs to come down, can you help ?


A. Yes we can! Call us today and we will be happy to provide you with a demolition and debris removal quote.



Q. What sort of items are recyclable? Will you take everything which is marked as "recyclable"?


A. SCFRR takes only specific items for recycling. Please go to our Recycling Page to learn more.



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